Residential Windows in Louisville

When you need new residential windows in Louisville or help with window repair there, call us at Watershed Roofing & Restoration. We do more than just fix roofs! We can also help you get your windows looking amazing and working for you. No matter the current state of your windows, we’ll make sure we get them looking great and helping you keep your home the right temperature.

New Windows

As your window installer in Louisville, we can help you get the new windows you need. There are many benefits you can reap by investing in new residential windows in Louisville. These include:

  • Increased home energy efficiency.
  • Increased home comfort. New windows can help keep all of your home at the same temperature, rather than having hot and cold areas.
  • It can also keep hot and cold air from escaping to the outside.
  • Increased home value and curb appeal.

If these are things you want and need for your home, contact us at Watershed today. We’ll send out a window expert to help you get the right features and windows you need to make your home even more amazing than it already is!

Window Repair

If your windows have been damaged in a storm, call Watershed for window repair in Louisville. We’ll assess the damage, help you work with your insurance company, and make sure you get the windows you need to protect your home and make it look awesome once again. We’ll help you order your new windows, then come put them in for you once they’re in.

As your window installer in Louisville, we’ll make sure your new windows get put in the right way. We’ll ensure that they fit your home well, that we go through all of the manufacturer’s steps when putting them in, and that they work the way they were designed to. We’ll test them before we leave and invite you to test them, too, just to make sure they’re in the way you need them.

When you need help with your residential windows, whether for window replacement or window repair in Louisville, the experts at Watershed will be there for you. We’ll ensure you get the windows you need for a reasonable price or help you get them covered by your insurance company. In the end, your home will look better and you’ll feel better living there, too. Make your appointment today!

Extremely Helpful!

Our roof and skylights were damaged in the last hail storm. We have never filed an insurance claim before, so had no experience of the process. Jose Herrera the Project Manager for Watershed Roofing was extremely helpful! He was always very prompt in answering questions and was very good at guiding us through the whole process. Our roof and skylights turned out great!

Chad S.
Google Review

Simply the best!

Dave and his team are simply the BEST! I’ve had to deal with many roofers over the years with my personal home and in my business world (I’m a Realtor) and Dave goes above and beyond when it comes to his customer service! His communication really makes him stand out! They also follow through with the timelines they set! I HIGHLY recommend Dave and his team at Watershed Roofing! You will not be disappointed!

Alli A.
Google Review
5 Star Rating on BBB
3.9 Star Rating on Google

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