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Looking for professional residential roofing in Lakewood? Storms are common in Colorado, whether it’s hail in the spring, tornados in the summer, or ripping winds in the winter. All of these can damage the exterior of your home, especially your roof. If you’ve been through a bad storm or you think that damage has accumulated over time, call Watershed Roofing & Restoration as your Lakewood roofer! We’ll get to you fast, assess the damage, help you work with your insurance company, and get you the roof you need.

Roof Repairs in Lakewood

As your roofing contractor in Lakewood, we’ll let you know if we think that roof repair would solve your problems. If you’ve had damage to your flashing or just a few shingles need replacing, we can get that done without replacing your entire roof. We’ll assess your home, then make recommendations for roof repair in Lakewood. Once your insurance company approves the repairs, we’ll get to work and get you the roof you need.

Lakewood Roof Replacements

Sometimes, there’s so much damage to a roof that it’s a better idea to replace the whole thing. If we think this is true of your home, we’ll take photos to document the damage so you can submit it to your insurance company. We’ll work with you to make sure you have a roof that’s approved by your HOA, if you live in a neighborhood that has one. Finally, we’ll get your old roof off and your new one on quickly, so you can feel confident about your home and safe in it again. As your roofer in Lakewood, this is our ultimate goal!

Drone Technology

Your roof may have places that are hard to access, but that won’t stop us from photographing damage there for you. As part of our job as your roofing contractor in Lakewood, we’ll fly a drone to those hard-to-reach places and photograph the damage that way. Whether you need roof repair in Lakewood or a whole new roof, we’ll give you the evidence you need to prove to your insurance that the job needs to be done.

Contact Watershed when you need a Lakewood roofer you can trust. We’ll get everything taken care of so you don’t have to feel anxious or stressed about it anymore. You’ll be safe and secure in your home again before very long, so call us today!

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Extremely Helpful!

Our roof and skylights were damaged in the last hail storm. We have never filed an insurance claim before, so had no experience of the process. Jose Herrera the Project Manager for Watershed Roofing was extremely helpful! He was always very prompt in answering questions and was very good at guiding us through the whole process. Our roof and skylights turned out great!

Chad S.
Google Review

Simply the best!

Dave and his team are simply the BEST! I’ve had to deal with many roofers over the years with my personal home and in my business world (I’m a Realtor) and Dave goes above and beyond when it comes to his customer service! His communication really makes him stand out! They also follow through with the timelines they set! I HIGHLY recommend Dave and his team at Watershed Roofing! You will not be disappointed!

Alli A.
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5 Star Rating on BBB
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