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Most roofing contractors focus on roof replacement, which can tie up their work schedules and resources for weeks in advance. This focus on replacement makes it difficult to assist homeowners in stopping roof leaks and makes it difficult to assist real estate transactions that require immediate roofing contractor services.  Roofs damaged by wind, UV radiation, or simple wear and tear, can often be repaired.  Watershed Roofing and Restoration specializes exclusively in roof inspection, roof repairs, gutters, solving roof leak problems, issuing roof certification, and extending the life of the roof.   We provide roof repair services for asphalt shingles, tile, stone-coated steel and flat roofing. If a roof is beyond repair, we provide complete roof replacement services with a variety of materials and colors for you to choose from.

  • Asphalt Shingles – Hail-impact resistant asphalt roofs coming in 30, 40 and 50-year varieties. Available in dimensional asphalt, laminate asphalt and architectural asphalt, this wind-resistant roof type is one of the oldest types in use due to its durability and aesthetically pleasing qualities.
  • Wood Shakes – Wood shakes give your home a natural, even rustic, look. Cedar is the most popular wood for shakes, though many other kinds of wood get used, as well. They are environmentally friendly and can be a great option for historical buildings or neighborhoods with strict appearance standards. Quality shakes will last up to 30 years.
  • Metal – Metal Roofs made of pre-finished Steel, Aluminum, Copper and Zinc are known for their longevity- they can last over 50 years.  Metal roofs can lower energy usage because they reflect light.  Fire resistant, metal roofs come in interlocking standing seam or flat seam styles.
  • Tile – Clay – Traditionally in the Spanish style, clay tile roofs can also come in several other options. Clay tiles resist harsh weather well and last 40 to 50 years, but they are very heavy. If you choose tile, we will have to make sure the structure of your building can withstand their weight.
  • Tile – Concrete – Offering many of the same benefits as clay tiles, such as resisting harsh weather well and lasting for a long time, concrete tiles come in many more styles than clay, giving you a wider variety of choices.  Concrete tiles are also heavy, but can be great in areas where all the roofs need to look the same according to an HOA codes or other agreements.
  • Slate – Slate shingles are stone and can last up to 100 years.  One consideration of slate shingles is their weight; prior to installation, your frame needs to be tested to ensure it can hold slate shingles.  Easy to work with, a slate shingled roof often looks like a work of art when finished.

Did you discover a leak in your roof and you’re not sure how to handle it? Or maybe your building was directly in the path of a recent storm and you found roofing materials all over your yard after the wind and the hail passed by. No matter the cause of your roofing problems, we can help you with roof repair in Denver and Colorado Springs.

We offer comprehensive roof repair services, which means that there’s no roofing problem we won’t take on and tackle for you. We understand that our work goes beyond fixing holes in roofs. When your roof isn’t doing its job, life can feel stressful and difficult. Getting it replaced can be a hassle, too. That’s why we recognize that our work makes your life easier and frees your energy so you can focus on the things you life. This realization has made us one of the best in roof repair in Denver, CO.

We will start by assessing your roof, using drone technology if necessary, to determine exactly what needs to be done to get it back up to your high standards. We’ll write up an estimate for you and help you deal with your insurance company if that is relevant. There’s no roof problem we won’t help you overcome.

Here are just a few of the problems that we can handle for you:

  • Gutter repair. Sure, they aren’t part of the roof directly, but experts in roof repair in Colorado Springs and Denver handle gutter repair, too. If your gutters aren’t doing their job or you notice them falling off the house, call us and we’ll get them back the way they need to be fast.
  • Shingle replacement. Have shingles been coming off your roof for a while now? Maybe you find them in your yard or you notice them missing when you’re up on your roof for some reason. We can help you get new shingles that match your old ones so you won’t even notice we’ve been there.
  • Fascia repair. The fascia is the part of your roof that usually hangs out, over your home. This protects the lower edges of the roof, and it can be easily damaged by weather or wear out as your roof gets old. It can be prone to mold and mildew damage, too. If you notice these areas looking saggy or waterlogged, call us and we’ll fix them for you.
  • Flashing replacement. Flashing goes down under your shingles, especially between shingles and other parts of your roof, to help keep water out of your home. It can get damaged or wear out, and we can replace it for you when it does.

Call us today to get one of the best in roof repair in Denver, CO on the job at your home or business. No matter what needs to be done, we’ll do it quickly and accurately. We won’t leave until we are sure that your roof is safe and secure and until you are happy with the job we’ve done.

I recently have had the opportunity to work with Watershed Roofing and Restoration for a hail claim on a multi-residential complex in Capital Hill. Watershed worked in conjunction with the insurance carrier’s adjuster to establish damages and an agreed upon scope of work which included the roof and gutter system. The work was completed in a timely and organized manner. They were very professional as well as informative during the whole process. They kept the owners of the property as well as myself informed every step of the way. Watershed’s work received a 10 out of 10 rating with the GAF Manufacturing Rep and as such the property owner will be receiving a 15 year NDL warranty from the manufacturer. Both the property owners and Cornerstone recognize their professionalism and quality of work. We have and will be continuing to keep Watershed as one of our preferred contractors with Cornerstone. I would highly recommend Watershed Roofing and Restoration.

-Justin Ulfig, Portfolio Manager
Cornerstone Apartment Services, Inc.

Both of my companies (Boutique and Wheelhouse Apartments) utilized and worked closely with Dave Scheck of Watershed Roofing and Restoration for many roofing projects. With the multitude of hail damage we have experienced over the last few years, Dave has helped us through many disastrous hail storms/claims. Dave’s unique knowledge of both roofing as well as working with claims adjustors and insurance companies has been incredibly helpful in minimizing potential further damage to our client’s assets as well as minimizing impact to our tenants. Dave has been easy to work with and communication has been essential in a smooth resolution to potentially disastrous situations. I would highly recommend that you consult with Watershed Roofing and Restoration for any of your roofing needs.

-Zvi Rudawsky, CEO
Boutique & Wheelhouse Apartments

We had Watershed put a complete new roof on our 50,000 Sf commercial building in April 2018. The job was done on budget, on time, and very professionally. They exceeded all of our expectations. Their site foreman was top notch as were all representatives of the company and their subcontracting crews.

Steve H.

I have nothing but positive things to say about Watershed Roofing & Resto Restoration. They keep you informed every step of the way: from your first conversation with them till way after the job is done and you are satisfied. There crew is reliable and nice, and if anything needs to be addressed after the job is done they will addressed it promptly.

Sacha L.

We called Watershed about our hail damaged roof the day after one of the biggest storms to ever hit Denver. They had 2 experienced roofers out to asses our property within a couple of hours. Now that is service!! Our next door neighbors couldn’t believe we had someone out so quickly, so they also were able to get their property looked at immediately as well.

We are realtors in the Denver area and part of our business requires us to recommend trusted professionals to our clients. When it comes to anything to do with roofs we trust no one but Watershed Roofing. We have been using their services for over 10 years and our clients have never been anything but completely satisfied with their work and professionalism.

Sue P.

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