Commercial Roof Maintenance in Denver, CO

In Colorado, your roof takes the brunt of so many types of weather. Extreme cold, rain, snow, hail, wind, and more can all damage your roof and lower its lifespan. While no business owner wants to spend money unnecessarily, spending on commercial roof maintenance is worth it. Save yourself the even greater expense of getting a new roof when you invest in your current one today.

Why Do Roof Maintenance in Denver?

Not convinced? There are several reasons why you might want to consider doing some commercial roof maintenance soon:

  • Tearing your roof off and replacing it is a lot more expensive than paying for regular maintenance. If you let the damage get too bad, though, this may be your only option.
  • Taking your roof off usually means you have to limit your business activities for at least a few days, which can cost you even more in revenue.
  • We will install energy efficient materials as we maintain your roof, which could save you on utility costs for years to come.
  • You will have more peace of mind. When you know that your roof isn’t going to leak, that’s one less thing you have to be anxious about as a business owner.

Commercial roof maintenance is an investment in your business. It is proactive spending so you don’t have to spend more, reactively, later on.

What is Commercial Roof Maintenance?

We always start our maintenance projects by examining your roof. We’ll fly over it with our drone if we can’t access it directly, so we have video and photographic evidence of how it is functioning. We will asses your roof, flashing, caps, edges, gutters, and more to make sure they are all in good working order. We’ll look for gaps and leaks, remove debris, and let you know if you need any repairs to keep your roof’s integrity intact.

When you need professional commercial roofing services in Denver, call the pros at Watershed! Click here to contact a roofing contractor about our commercial roof maintenance services now!

We worked directly with Ron Antener who spent many hours upfront working with out insurance company to minimize out of pocket expense. Initially the insurance company was only going to cover half of the estimated cost of repairs and changes required to meet new code requirements. Ron worked extensively with the adjusters and engineers from the insurance company on our behalf. Ultimately out insurance covered most of our costs including new HVAC units and city required code upgrades.

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I recently have had the opportunity to work with Watershed Roofing and Restoration for a hail claim on a multi-residential complex in Capital Hill. The work was completed in a timely and organized manner. They were very professional as well as informative during the whole process. They kept the owners of the property as well as myself informed every step of the way.

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Both of my companies utilized and worked closely with Dave Scheck of Watershed Roofing and Restoration for many roofing projects. With the multitude of hail damage we have experienced over the last few years, Dave has helped us through many disastrous hail storms/claims. Dave’s unique knowledge of both roofing as well as working with claims adjustors and insurance companies has been incredibly helpful in minimizing potential further damage to our client’s assets as well as minimizing impact to our tenants.

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