Commercial Roofing FAQ

commercial roofing faq
How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

Roofing solutions and their costs are all over the board, from material choice to cash bids for replacements. The important thing to keep in mind is to find a contractor you trust, and one that comes highly recommended. A competitive and reliable roofer will always provide you references for similar jobs completed with customer satisfaction. That said, after an inspection of the property and consultation with a commercial roof inspector from Watershed, you will receive an estimate for the likely known costs for the type of roof installation you desire. In the event that the roof replacement is covered by insurance, your roofing cost is your insurance deductible defined in your policy. 
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How Long Will My Commercial Roof Last?

Watershed works with clients to achieve a superior quality commercial roof installation backed by a superior warranty. Most manufacturers of TPO membranes, for instance, will allow ONLY their certified installers like Watershed to extend 20 yr No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranties to customers. All warranties require technical inspection by the manufacturer; having passed inspection and award of the 20 yr NDL, a new commercial roofing system will last 20-30 years in Colorado, and the warranties are transferrable. 
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How Can a Business Owner Recognize When a Roof System Has Problems?

Unfortunately, most of the time we are responding to reports of leaks or some other roof system failure (missing HVAC caps, ponding water, poor drainage, missing flashing, etc.). If you happen to notice that something looks odd, please contact a Watershed representative for a free inspection and estimate of repairs. 
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What is the Best Commercial Roofing Material For My Roof and My Budget?

TPO and PVC single-ply membranes, EPDM, Modified Bitumen, and various silicone roof coatings may provide the most reliable solution depending on whether full replacement or a repair is required. Building use and architectural design, existing roof apparatus, or even environmental conditions unique to your property can easily influence the decision to choose one type of roofing over another. 
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Can I Put a New Roof Over My Old One?

Simply refer to building code for your property’s current roofing requirements, or contact Watershed for a quick answer. In most cases, one roofing system is allowable over an existing roof system. However, careful consideration must first be given to the current structural condition, any existing moisture contained within the old system, or other building codes and warranty criteria when making a decision to overlay a new membrane on top of an older roof system.
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What Types of Low Slope (Flat) Roofing Do You Offer?

Watershed holds certification and master installation qualifications in a wide variety of flat roof scenarios, from high rise multi-tenant residential and business office buildings, to new construction applications and retro-fit of new roofing membrane at older properties where current systems are failing or simply in need of an upgrade. 
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How Often Should I Inspect My Commercial Roof?

In addition to the annual maintenance described previously, keep in mind the following:
1. Never attempt to inspect the roof yourself! Roof access and exposure can be very dangerous and only a trained and certified inspector knows what to look for safely on your property;
2. Inclement weather happens frequently in Colorado and in such a manner that may cause damage to your roof system requiring immediate inspection;
3. Establish a regular maintenance program with Watershed Roofing and rest easy receiving complete inspection reports and recommendations to keep your roof system in top condition.
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Can I Just Repair My Roof Myself?

Many property owners attempt to repair roofs, either by themselves, or more commonly by employing an untrained roofing professional. In most cases, this will only make matters worse. Please allow Watershed the opportunity to inspect at NO CHARGE. Our trained professionals can put together a report and plan for you that meets your budget and timeline, without you having to unnecessarily waste time and money on an ineffective repair attempt. 
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If you need any sort of professional commercial roofing service in Denver, call Watershed Roofing! We provide full service commercial roof repairs, replacements, installations & more!

We worked directly with Ron Antener who spent many hours upfront working with out insurance company to minimize out of pocket expense. Initially the insurance company was only going to cover half of the estimated cost of repairs and changes required to meet new code requirements. Ron worked extensively with the adjusters and engineers from the insurance company on our behalf. Ultimately out insurance covered most of our costs including new HVAC units and city required code upgrades.

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I recently have had the opportunity to work with Watershed Roofing and Restoration for a hail claim on a multi-residential complex in Capital Hill. The work was completed in a timely and organized manner. They were very professional as well as informative during the whole process. They kept the owners of the property as well as myself informed every step of the way.

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Both of my companies utilized and worked closely with Dave Scheck of Watershed Roofing and Restoration for many roofing projects. With the multitude of hail damage we have experienced over the last few years, Dave has helped us through many disastrous hail storms/claims. Dave’s unique knowledge of both roofing as well as working with claims adjustors and insurance companies has been incredibly helpful in minimizing potential further damage to our client’s assets as well as minimizing impact to our tenants.

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