Commercial Roofing Insurance Claims
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Commercial Roofing Insurance Claims in Denver, CO

Do you know if your business’s insurance covers your roof? Will it help you get a replacement, or just perform repairs? Answers to these questions may not seem important until your roof gets damaged by weather or starts to wear out because of age. At that point, it’s too late to get the coverage you need. Make sure you have it now by asking the right questions, and don’t pay too much out of pocket!

Warranties vs. Insurance

Your roof may have several warranties. The company that makes the roofing material may have warrantied it for a certain amount of time and the commercial roofing contractor who installed it may have warrantied their work, too. These are not the same as having insurance on your roof. Some warranties are voided if the roof undergoes certain types of natural disasters and they all expire after a certain amount of time.

Instead, make sure that your commercial property insurance also covers your roof. It should not expire, nor should it have clauses in it about weather events. Here are a few things to find out about your insurance policy and your commercial roof.

  • Does the policy cover the entire roof, from the surfacing materials down through to the deck?
  • Will the insurance pay the full cost for roof replacement or will it only pay for repairs? Is the replacement cost pro-rated based on the age of the roof?
  • Does the insurance cover storm and wind damage, insect problems, water issues, and damage by debris blown off other buildings?
  • Are there any other terms that you need to know about when it comes to your insurance?

That last question is particularly important because there may be maintenance things that you need to do to maintain your insurance coverage. These can include:

  • Getting yearly or every-other-year roof inspections
  • Performing all necessary repairs
  • Maintaining your roof according to certain standards
  • Logging all visitors to your roof and why they are visiting

Other insurance policies may have other provisions. Make sure you are following these because your new roof or roof repair won’t be covered if you can’t prove that you have followed through with them.

Working With Your Insurance Company

When you choose to work with Watershed for your commercial roof repair, we’ll help you deal with your insurance company. We have done it thousands of times before, so we know what these companies need to see in order for you to file a claim. We’ll get you all of the data that you need, even flying a drone over your roof to take photos for them if that’s required.

We want you to rest easy during this process. It can be stressful when you’re working with an insurance company or waiting on their word, but we will walk through the whole thing with you. Once we have everything we need, we’ll get you your new roof fast, so you won’t have to stress anymore. Call us today to meet with one of our commercial roofing experts. We’ll help you get on the way to a brand new roof for your business in Denver.

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Robert Haugen
Denver Firefighters Housing Inc.

I recently have had the opportunity to work with Watershed Roofing and Restoration for a hail claim on a multi-residential complex in Capital Hill. Watershed worked in conjunction with the insurance carrier’s adjuster to establish damages and an agreed upon scope of work which included the roof and gutter system. The work was completed in a timely and organized manner. They were very professional as well as informative during the whole process. They kept the owners of the property as well as myself informed every step of the way. Watershed’s work received a 10 out of 10 rating with the GAF Manufacturing Rep and as such the property owner will be receiving a 15 year NDL warranty from the manufacturer. Both the property owners and Cornerstone recognize their professionalism and quality of work. We have and will be continuing to keep Watershed as one of our preferred contractors with Cornerstone. I would highly recommend Watershed Roofing and Restoration.

-Justin Ulfig, Portfolio Manager
Cornerstone Apartment Services, Inc.

Both of my companies (Boutique and Wheelhouse Apartments) utilized and worked closely with Dave Scheck of Watershed Roofing and Restoration for many roofing projects. With the multitude of hail damage we have experienced over the last few years, Dave has helped us through many disastrous hail storms/claims. Dave’s unique knowledge of both roofing as well as working with claims adjustors and insurance companies has been incredibly helpful in minimizing potential further damage to our client’s assets as well as minimizing impact to our tenants. Dave has been easy to work with and communication has been essential in a smooth resolution to potentially disastrous situations. I would highly recommend that you consult with Watershed Roofing and Restoration for any of your roofing needs.

-Zvi Rudawsky, CEO
Boutique & Wheelhouse Apartments

I would recommend Watershed Roofing without reservation to anyone needing repair or replacement of a root for their business or home! We had extensive hail damage to the roof of our commercial building including he membrane, HVAC units and exterior trim.


We worked directly with Ron Antener who spent many hours upfront working with out insurance company to minimize out of pocket expense. Initially the insurance company was only going to cover half of the estimated cost of repairs and changes required to meet new code requirements. Ron worked extensively with the adjusters and engineers from the insurance company on our behalf. Ultimately out insurance covered most of our costs including new HVAC units and city required code upgrades.


The professionalism of Ron and his team when performing the work was also excellent. Watershed kept every promise regarding timing and exceeded out expectations from a quality and cleanliness standpoint.


I would only use Watershed Roofing in the future and recommend them to anyone needing repair or remodel services.

Charles Park, MD
Chief Executive Officer

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