Don’t Pay Too Much for Your Roof! How to Use Insurance Instead

If your roof has sustained damage due to wind, hail, or other weather events, you may be eligible to have your roof repair or replacement paid for by your insurance company. Working with insurance to cover the cost of your roof can take some time and energy, but it’s worth it when you don’t have to pay for your new roof. Here’s what you need to know to make the process as smooth as possible.

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  • Know your coverage. Check to make sure that your roof is covered and that you understand the coverage you have. If your roof was in poor condition before the storm, it may be harder to get your repairs paid for by insurance.
  • Specifically, document any damage. Take photographs and videos of the damage that you can see. If you have shingles in your yard or can see the damage, take photos. If the damage has affected things inside your house, document those, too. See if the news covered the storm that damaged your house and keep news clippings or videos that describe it.
  • Contact your insurance company. You may have a limited window in which you can file a claim, so contact a representative from your insurance company as soon as possible. Ask what you can expect from the company and what to do about any temporary repairs that are necessary to protect your home.
  • Talk to roofing companies. Get written quotes from at least three roofing companies that outline the work they propose to do on your roof and how much that would cost. Have them indicate whether the roof needs total replacement or whether repairs could suffice. If you have to have temporary repairs done in order to continue living in your house, save these invoices and receipts for later reimbursement.
  • File your claim. Follow your insurance company’s policies and procedures and ask them if you have any questions about how to proceed.
  • Get an appointment with an adjuster. A representative from the insurance company will need to come out and inspect the damage at your home. Make sure you show the adjuster any documentation you saved, above. He or she will likely take photos, too. It may take up to several weeks to get a quote from your insurance company regarding how much they will give you to fix your roof.
  • Get your roof fixed. Choose a company and get the work done on your roof. If you don’t think your insurance company evaluated well, follow their appeal process to see if you can change their quote. In the end, get the roof repaired so you can get back to your normal routine.

When you work through all of these steps, you should be able to get the money that is due you for replacing or repairing your roof. We’ll help you work with your insurance company as we can so you can get the very best roof for your home!

Everything You Need to Know About Aerial Roof Assessments

Do you have a roof that is hard to reach? Are you concerned about roof damage in places that you can’t see or access? Those are only a couple of times when aerial roof assessment might be right for you. This technique uses the latest technology to ensure you know exactly what is going on with your roof, even when you can’t climb up there yourself.

What is an aerial roof assessment?

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When you call Watershed to take care of your roof, we’ll make sure we know exactly what is going on with it before we talk to you about a repair or replacement plan. If there are sections of your roof that are hard to reach or might pose dangers to our team, we’ll do an aerial roof assessment instead.

When we do this, we’ll bring in our certified thermographer to tackle the job. He’ll fly a drone over your roof, taking video or photographs of the entire thing so we can assess them for damage later. This allows us to see the full extent of any damage your roof has suffered so we can accurately tell you what you need to make it right again.

Is aerial roof assessment right for me?

As mentioned above, aerial roof assessment is great for people or businesses who have places on their roof that are difficult to access or that might be dangerous. However, it’s useful in other situations, too. You may choose an aerial roof assessment when:

  • You need extensive documentation of the damage your roof has suffered. We’ll give you photos and, sometimes, even video proof of what has happened to your roof. You can use these to get insurance coverage, to make an argument to your HOA, and more. You may also want this documentation for your own records.
  • You need to find the source of a difficult problem or leak. If you have tried everything else to fix your roof and you’re still having problems, an aerial assessment can give you another perspective on the problem. We may be able to spot roofing issues from the drone photographs that would be hard to see up close and personal.
  • You need a thorough assessment of the damage you’ve suffered. There’s nothing like a drone photograph to help you see the full extent of the damage. We’ll capture images from a wide angle and down to the smallest detail, so you can know exactly what happened to your roof and where the problem spots are.

You can use aerial roof assessment photos to make sure that your repair is fully covered by your insurance company. Offer the photos as evidence of the damage your roof has suffered, down to the tiny details. Make your case airtight so your insurance company has to pay!

Contact us at Watershed today to schedule your aerial roof assessment soon. Our experts will come out and help you get the documentation you need so you can get the repair process started!