Our team is dedicated to getting you the roof you need fast, without ever sacrificing quality or workmanship. From our highly trained roofing experts to our skilled insurance specialists, we’ll make sure your new roof meets all of your needs. Together, we will work hard to show you why so many people have been glad that they trusted Watershed for their roofing needs.

Dave Scheck - Owner

Dave launched Watershed after gaining 10 years experience as a project manager and Chief of Operations in the local roofing industry. Born in Akron, Ohio and raised in the Midwest, he graduated from the University of Kansas with a Master’s degree in US History and Environmental Studies, and then relocated to Denver in the early 90’s. Dave worked at the grassroots to protect Colorado’s spectacular environment for over a decade, and now brings that same dedication to serving our client base in both residential and commercial roofing markets across Colorado. Dave holds certifications in low slope membrane, metal and stone coated steel, concrete and custom tile, asphalt, and silicone roofing applications, and is both residential and commercial certified by HAAG Engineering.

Maria - Production Manager

I am a Native of Colorado and currently live in Lakewood. I joined the Watershed team in February of 2017 and haven’t looked back since. My past career experience was 16 years in Insurance as a licensed producer for State Farm Insurance in all lines including commercial Insurance. I know my experience in lifelong customer service to others will translate in serving a new variety of clients and I am grateful to be part of a fantastic Colorado based team and I look forward to becoming a point of contact to all of our past, current and future customers. Nothing is more important in life then family, happiness and health and I believe that since joining the team here at Watershed I have only increased my wealth.

Ron Antener - Owner

Ronald Antener has been in the roofing industry since 1998. He worked with one of the original “storm chasers” back in the day in Denver for over 4 years. He then began specializing in retrofit roofing and worked for a total of 6 companies before opening up his own company in 2006. This year he launched Watershed Roofing with his business partner Dave Scheck so they both could expand upon their professional reputations and contacts within the industry to build their own company together.

David Poweski - Superintendent of Construction

One of the most challenging parts of completing a construction project is meeting the customers expectations. The easiest way to overcome that obstacle is with communication. From the beginning of the project, clear communication helps to spell out what is needed as a customer and how, as a company, we will work to meet those needs. When both the customer and contractor have a good understanding for each other’s challenges involved in the construction project, the process will move much smoother and more efficiently. I have been in construction for over 30 years. My interest in construction began when I was young. I would shadow contractors when they came to my house, watching and learning from what I saw. During the summers through my high school and college years, I worked various construction jobs. I have preformed almost every task in home building, from sweeping and clean up, on to major project management. In 18 years as a home builder, I had completed over 800 homes. I have been involved with members of Watershed Roofing & Restoration for 9 years . My duties include Residential and Commercial Project Sales and Management, along with Watershed’s OHSA safety coordinator.

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